Luke the Poodle

Training Services for your Puppy or Dog

Puppy Prep School offers fun and effective Positively-Focused and Relationship-Based family dog and puppy training in Cincinnati Ohio. Not just for puppies…training can benefit dogs of all ages, whether they’ve been recently adopted or they’ve lived with you for a long time. I provide a variety of customized training programs – please feel free to contact me to discuss your particular needs.

Private Lessons, Boarding School and occasional small Group Classes are designed to bring out the best in your dog or puppy and help you gain both control and connection quickly, easily and efficiently…with a large dose of joy and play.

Boarding School

Your pup comes to me – you chose our 17 day or 30 day program – and we’ll build the foundations of good dog behavior in a loving, safe, home setting.

Home Training Sessions

I come to your pup – for coaching and trouble-shooting training sessions – with you in your home.