Elizabeth Betsey Gaul

Trainer, Behavior Consultant, Pet Care Provider

Betsey brings a positive, practical and sensible approach to teaching people how to train their dogs to become well-mannered members of their families – with an emphasis on building a strong relationship rather than dominating, coercing or forcing them into submission.

Training is something we do with our dogs rather than to our dogs
~ Master Trainer, teacher, author and mentor Sarah Wilson

It is this concept of a team-effort approach that builds a solid connection between you and your dog, keeps him happy and motivated to learn and makes training an enjoyable experience for you both.

Beginning in 1998 as a Veterinary Assistant and boarding kennel technician for small animal clinics in Marietta OH, Betsey worked closely with highly skilled veterinarians and veterinary technicians, quickly becoming involved in all aspects of professional pet care. In 2001, she founded CreatureComforts, an in-home pet sitting service. Caring for hundreds of animals over the years, she continues her commitment to personalized, attentive and skilled care for pets in the familiar surroundings of their own homes.

Betsey began pursuing a professional interest in pet dog training and canine behavior in 2002.

She has worked, studied and networked with some of the most progressive and talented experts in the field, including:

Sarah Wilson, Noelle Fischer, Sheri Anderson, Becky and Dave Bishop, Patty Daye, Theresa Essig DVM, Melissa Fischer, Marsha and Bud Houston, Susan Hunt, Brian Kilcommons, Kat Longnecker, Shirley Minelli, Linda Rosa, Alexandra Soltan DVM, Sue Sternburg, Carolyn Turner, Dan Wasmund DVM and Toni Kay-Wolff.

A native of southeast Pennsylvania, and a graduate of Marietta College in Marietta Ohio, Elizabeth has resided in Cincinnati’s Northside neighborhood since 2009. She currently shares life with Sasha – a whip-smart Border Collie+Boxer, Jess – a happy-go-lucky Catahoula+Pointer+whoknowswhat and Darby – an impish Chihuahua + Papillon.

Parker the pug

Betsey teaches owners how to bring out the best in their dogs and puppies with:

  • Methods that are fair, fun and easy to incorporate into everyday life.
  • Voice, body language, spatial work and touch in order to create connection and control.
  • Training games that lay basic foundation and increase trust, respect and mutual understanding…with a strong focus on the ”Yes”, rather than the “No”.