Puppy Training


Here we have the adorable and eager, albeit slightly sleepy face (as a Large Breed puppy who is expending a ton of energy GROWING will have) of 12 week old Duke – a boy who is ready to learn. We are beginning the journey.

Giving this lovely Great Dane puppy a great foundation in how to navigate the world – and connect with his human – is part art, part science and (large) part pure joy.

Building a foundation is not just about teaching him to obey verbal commands – although they’re certainly part of his lesson plan here at Puppy Prep Boarding School. Puppy training is just as importantly about ensuring that his meetings with the multitudes of “firsts” of his young life be Fun, Connected and Confidence-building.

He’s mastered a short staircase. We’ve romped together in a thunderstorm. He’s encountered several of the strange (to him) sounds, sights and surfaces of urban life, met some visiting painting guys, embarked on a field trip down to the Grange.  He will meet his first friendly, pup-savvy cat tomorrow. We go – always – at the speed he can handle.

And, in between adventures, he gets the rest and sleep he absolutely requires. It’s also about balance.

The world is his oyster. As his teacher, coach and safe haven – my job is to help set him up with a good string of pearls.

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